10 Questions With Comics Brewmaster James Kochalka

Comics Brewmaster: James Kochalka

Origin:  Springfield, Vermont

1st  Appearance:  James Kochalka Superstar mini-comic #1(1993-94)

Catalog:  Monkey vs. Robot, Peanutbutter & Jeremy, Quit Your Job, Tiny Bubbles, The Horrible Truth About Comics, Fancy Froglin, SuperF*ckers, Johnny Boo, Glorkian Warrior, etc. etc.

Achievements:  Served as Vermont’s very first Cartoonist Laureate, James Kochalka Superstar the band has released multiple albums, with their 2006 hit “Britney’s Silver Can” making it into Rolling Stone’s Top 100 for that year!

Links:  http://kochalka.tumblr.com/  ::   https://twitter.com/the_kochalka

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