Late Night Comics: You Can Did It #1

Yule logs, 100-proof eggnog. and You Can Did It #1 by Nils Balls & Mike Carretta makes this holiday season extra frothy! You can read some insanely trippy, funny, and oft-times profound comics by cartoonist Nils Balls on his website here. After a healthy dose of Skeleton Balls Comix, you’ll be good and ready for the deliciously potent You Can Did It #1(available to order from Copacetic Comics). It’s about the crazy shenanigans of 2 beer brewing/guzzling buddies who spread their mystery brew all around their Pittsburgh neighborhood, resulting in some surprising antics, and high levels of debauchery! Just like stepping into an out of town bar for the first time, you’ll find yourself adjusting […]

Late Night Comics: Blood Root #1

If you’re looking for something to read late at night, by the fireplace, when you’re all alone, then I have the perfect comic for you! Blood Root #1, a new anthology series of horror comics, published by Sawdust Press,and featuring an eclectic group of new comics talent! Now, the four stories contained in this comic aren’t slasher horror stories; they’re more of the creepy/unnerving variety. I enjoyed them all, but I think my favorite was Brighter Days by Elise Vermeulen, because it was disturbing in an unpredictable way. There’s an impressive range of art styles within the pages of this first issue, and that’s a testament to the book’s editor, and cover artist, […]

Late Night Comics: The Humans #0

Last night I left the warm, numb security of life behind the Orange Curtain to procure a copy of Tom Neely, and company’s new comic The Humans. The Secret Headquarters in Los Angeles was having a release party for the book, so I decided to make the trip. I’ve been a fan of Neely’s work for years now(you should all go buy The Wolf if you haven’t already…), and his typical quality character design, and action choreography are present here in the premier issue of the series. The Humans is written by Drippy Bone Books alum Keenan Marshall Keller, with coloring assist & one bad-ass back cover piece by artist Kristina […]

Late Night Comics: Tyranny of the Muse #1

Some comics are just better at night. I think Tyranny of the Muse #1, written by Eddie Wright & drawn by Jessie Balmer, is one of them. Now that isn’t to say you couldn’t enjoy this comic any time of day(especially in Alaska during those dark winter days…), but sometimes a “dark”, twisted mind-f#%k kind of story like this one just translates better after nightfall. The tortured artist arche-type is perfectly embodied in the story’s protagonist, Frank Fisher. The thick black lines, and moody tone of the art feels like a perfect Charles Burns/Richard Sala love-child. Bonnie is Frank’s muse, and she has what he needs. Something to fill that […]