Top 5 Comics Pull List for October 2016 :: (August 2016 Previews)

Top 5 Comics Pull List – August 2016 Previews – in shops October 2016 5. Great Lakes Avengers #1 by Zac Gorman & Will Robson – Marvel I’m all for lighter/fun super-hero comics, since we’ve been deluged with darkness for so long now!  I’ve enjoyed Zac Gorman’s sense of humor with his “Magical Game Time” comics and Rick & Morty, so I’m looking forward to see his take on one of John Byrne’s greatest contributions to Marvel lore. 4. Ancestor TP by Matt Sheean & Malachi Ward – Image I’ve been trying to keep up with the various stories coming out of Island.  This one seems a perfect fit to pickup in […]

Top 5 Comics Pull List for September 2016 :: (July 2016 Previews)

Top 5 Comics Pull List – July 2016 Previews – in shops September 2016 5. Mooncop HC by Tom Gauld – Drawn & Quarterly Cartoonist Tom Gauld brings us an insightful, funny tale of the moon’s beat cop during the final dwindling days of a lunar colony.  The solitary setting of Mooncop lends itself well to Gauld’s storytelling style, I think. 4. Frostbite #1(of 6) by Joshua Williamson & Jason Shawn Alexander – DC/Vertigo I’m new to both creators here, but I found the premise intriguing; kind of the opposite of Mad Max’s blazing hot, barren desert, here we get the frozen tundra of a second Ice Age and heat taking the place […]

Top 5 Comics Pull List for August 2016 :: (June 2016 Previews)

Top 5 Comics Pull List – June 2016 Previews – in shops August 2016 5. Sixpack and Dogwelder: Hard-Traveling Heroz #1(of 6) by Garth Ennis & Russ Braun – DC Following up last year’s All-Star Section Eight, Garth Ennis brings us more demented adventures with his lovable rejects, Sixpack & Dogwelder, and with a nice Neal Adams variant cover to boot! 4. We Told You So: Comics As Art HC by Tom Spurgeon & Michael Dean – Fantagraphics Books I’m a regular visitor to Tom Spurgeon’s excellent comics news blog, The Comics Reporter, so I’m excited to read his new book he wrote with contributor Michael Dean, covering the 40 year history of Fantagraphics and […]

Top 5 Comics Pull List for July 2016 :: (May 2016 Previews)

Top 5 Comics Pull List – May 2016 Previews – in shops July 2016 5. Betty & Veronica #1 by Adam Hughes – Archie Comics Sometimes fanboys’ dreams do come true!  “Bad Girl” artist Adam Hughes writes and illustrates this updated version of Archie’s two gal pals.  This should be fun and compliment Mark Waid’s All-New Archie series quite well.  I do wonder how long of a run Hughes will do, or if he’ll bring on other artists for future story arcs.  Time will tell. Also, if you like variant covers, you’ll be happy to see that this issue has a whopping 25 of them! 4. Wonder Woman: The True Amazon HC […]

Top 5 Comics Pull List for June 2016 :: (April 2016 Previews)

Top 5 Comics Pull List – April 2016 Previews – in shops June 2016 5. Lumberjanes/Gotham Academy #1(of 6) by Chynna Clugston-Flores, Rosemary Valero-O’Connell, and various! – Boom Studios/DC Comics I enjoy Gotham Academy, and, although I didn’t get into reading more than the first issue of Lumberjanes, I admire the concept & creators behind it.  This looks to be a crossover made in heaven.  Should be fun! 4. She Wolf #1 by Rich Tommaso – Image Comics She Wolf gets on the list by virtue that’s it’s by the same creator responsible for one of my favorite recent comics, Dark Corridor.  Rich Tommaso is on fire!  Glad to see such a […]

Top 5 Comics Pull List for May 2016 :: (March 2016 Previews)

Top 5 Comics Pull List – March 2016 Previews – in shops May 2016 5. Cinema Purgatorio #1 by Alan Moore, Kevin O’Neil, Garth Ennis, and more! – Avatar Press Stephen Bissette says that this project has an uncanny resemblance to his old Taboo anthology and that’s “endorsement” enough for it to make the list!  Although, I’m not sure how much Alan Moore would appreciate that comparison. 4. Beasts of Burden: What the Cat Dragged In by Evan Dorkin & Jill Thompson – Dark Horse It’s always welcome news when I hear that another installment of this great series is ready for the presses!  I wonder if the movie adaptation is still in the […]

Top 5 Comics Pull List for April 2016 :: (Feb. 2016 Previews)

Top 5 Comics Pull List – February 2016 Previews – in shops April 2016 5. Hellboy in Mexico TP by Mike Mignola & Richard Corben, Fabio Moon & Gabriel Ba  – Dark Horse Some of the Hellboy in Mexico one-shots are hard to find, so this is another welcome collection from Dark Horse.  These comics, illustrated by Richard Corben, are some of my favorite Hellboy stories.  It will be nice to have them all together in one book! 4. Moon Knight #1 by Jeff Lemire & Greg Smallwood – Marvel I love that Moon Knight straitjacket cover by artist Greg Smallwood and his interior pages look really nice!  Lemire has come up with an interesting starting […]

Top 5 Comics Pull List for March 2016 :: (Jan. 2016 Previews)

Top 5 Comics Pull List – January 2016 Previews – in shops March 2016 5. Spider-Woman #5  by Dennis Hopeless & Javier Rodriguez – Marvel How many popular mainstream super-hero comics have ever had the title character giving birth to a baby, before?  I’m not a Marvel/DC lore-master, so I’m just guessing that this is a first??  So, for that reason and just because it’s such a well written & drawn book, this issue makes our list at number five! 4. The Rattler OGN by Greg Hinkle & Jason McNamara – Image Comics Sort of a blind pick for me here, but I loved Greg Hinkle’s art on the recent Airboy mini-series and the story description sounds […]

Top 5 Comics Pull List for February 2016 :: (Dec. 2015 Previews)

Top 5 Comics Pull List – December 2015 Previews – in shops February 2016 5. Revenger Volume 1 GN by Charles Forsman – Bergen Street Press I’ve been picking up the individual issues of Charles Forsman’s ultra-violent(indy-style) Revenger and enjoying it quite a bit. The action choreography is very creative and the characters in the story are strange and unexpected!  I think you’d have a tough time locating the first 5 issues of this self-published comic, so here’s your chance to get caught up with volume 1. Revenger Volume 1 GN 4. Island #7 by various – Image Comics I love this cover by Matt Sheean and Malachi Ward, who continue their story with […]

Top 5 Comics Pull List for January 2016 :: (Nov. 2015 Previews)

Top 5 Comics Pull List – November 2015 Previews – in shops January 2016 5. Gotham Academy #14(Gotham Academy Yearbook part 1) by Various – DC Comics I’ve been a fan of Cloonan, Fletcher & Kerschl’s Gotham Academy since the beginning. Now, with issue 14, they’re expanding Olive & Co’s world even more with new stories by new creators, including names like Hope Larson, Dustin Nguyen, Katie Cook, and Zac Gorman! Gotham Academy #14 4. Swamp Thing #1 by Len Wein & Kelley Jones – DC Comics I need to go back and find the 2-issue Convergence Swamp Thing series, because that is by the same creative team here(I suffer from a Convergence blind spot, thus I missed that […]