Long Beach Comic Con Notes: Funny Book Fest & going down memory lane at the dollar bins…

I attended Long Beach Comic Con this last Saturday and it was fun! Here’s a few personal highlights: Funny Book Fest – It was bitter-sweet to pickup an advance copy of the final volume of The Devastator, an excellent series of satirical comics and picture stories, but, as explained to me by co-founder/managing-editor Amanda Meadows, this is not the end of The Devastator brand, as they will continue to publish more original humor/comedy books in the future. This change will give them more time to focus their full attention on the kinds of stories that used to be featured on the flip-side of The Devastator anthology. The Devastator #13: Space Epic is perfect for all […]

zineSHOT! COOL DOG #1 by Miquela Davis

Smokey the Bear and McGruff beware, there’s a new PSA cartoon animal in town to help teach(terrorize) the children about the dangers(thrills) in life! COOL DOG is a hilarious new comic zine by cartoonist/animator Miquela Davis that reminds me a little of Toonces the Cat, with a splash of Spuds MacKenzie. COOL DOG never seems to lose his cool, whether he’s overdosing on crack or just finding himself engulfed in flames at the local gas station. I hope to see a lot more of COOL DOG in future comics and/or animation, assuming he has a few more lives to spare! You can also find more comics-zines to check out at Miquela’s online shop here, […]

Long Beach Zine Fest Vendor Apps are Open

I met some nice folks when I tabled at the OC Zine Fest, last Summer, and now I’m a very small cog in the inaugural Long Beach Zine Fest machine, coming April 12, 2015. The event will take place at a really unique and special location: The Museum  of Latin American Art in Long Beach, CA. Today, the vendor app was officially unveiled, and prospective zinesters have until February 18th to submit their application, so don’t dilly-dally! This is going to be an event to remember!

Street Angel Stocking Stuffers & friends!

Here’s some last second stocking stuffer suggestions for the small press sycophant in your life! Street Angel X-mas Special – These are available exclusively through Copacetic Comics until Jan. 31st, when you order a copy of Jim Rugg’s Street Angel HC collection. A 2nd edition is coming soon printed on pink and purple pages from AdHouse Books, so this might be your last chance to pick up the few remaining copies of the original. Plus, the X-Mas Special is well worth buying an extra copy of the book, if you already have it. By my count, it comes in at 25 pages of story, and it’s very funny/action-packed, as you’d expect […]

SHORT RUN Comix & Arts Festival in 5 days!

Unfortunately, I won’t be able to make it to this year’s SHORT RUN, the Northwest’s premier small press/comix extravaganza, but all of you out there should get off your butts and go, because this year’s event looks to be the best one yet! International comix luminaries, and homeland legends like John Porcellino(guest of honor) will grace the floor of Washington Hall, 153 14th Ave. Central District, in Seattle, Washington on Saturday, November 15th. You can find a complete schedule of events that are going on this week here.  Cheers!

zineSHOT! OC Zine Fest recap

I had the pleasure of tabling at the very first OC Zine Fest at Diego’s Downtown in Santa Ana, CA this last Saturday. It was a really fun time, and there were quite a few visitors for a smaller first-time event like this one. I premiered my new zine, Bad Zoo issue zero, and I brought a couple of my Plumdill variants as well. I have to admit that I probably sunk whatever money I made into a few afternoon beers, but it was really nice to be able to relax, and have a few drinks at my table, while talking to folks. It  kind of had the vibe of a community […]

TGIZineday! Animal Sex by Isabella Rotman

Isabella Rotman may not be full “zoo”, but she is a very talented artist who likes to draw the wild kingdom in all of it’s fornicating glory!  Animal Sex is a new 76 page book collecting her 4 Animal Sex mini-comics and it’s available for purchase in her online shop here.  Interestingly, all research for this series was conducted in Isabella’s bed, which just goes to show how hands on she is. I was lucky enough to receive some of those early Animal Sex comix from a friend who stumbled upon them while visiting a comics shop in the Chicago area.  Obviously, from the title, and art, they knew I’d […]

TGIZineday! 30 Years Ago: Doctor Death The Life Man Mini Comics by Warren Ellis

I met Warren Ellis at the Avatar booth about 10 years ago at SDCC. When I splayed out my vintage set of Warren Ellis mini comics right in front of him, he let out a chortle, quickly signed each “pamphlet”, and pushed them back in my direction as he looked off to the side(still chuckling), and said, “Now, fuck off haha!”  I felt honored, not insulted over this much deserved dismissal.  read more…