Fan Art of the Week: Captain America by Josh Gilbert

Since Veteran’s Day was this week, I thought it was the perfect time to share some Captain America fan art!

Josh Gilbert created 2 art-deco style Captain America movie posters which were designed after the poster art of another Joe Johnston directed WW II era super-hero film, The Rocketeer(1991).  Both are excellent pieces, but I’m featuring his 2nd version here.(the 1st is down below)  As Josh Gilbert states on his Deviant Art page, he liked the way the 2nd one came out better, too!

Gilbert is a professional graphic designer who’s been featured in art galleries around the country and has created limited edition prints of popular movies like Birdman, Hellboy II, and Django Unchained.


Deviant Art Page: @ShokXoneStudios

  Additional Works

    captain_america__first_avenger_by_shokxone_studios-d3eq7kq    skyfall_by_shokxone_studios-d5xawz9


hellboy_ii__the_golden_army_by_shokxone_studios-d98rzhy    b058583e61ff2b5528fd62d6004a43f1


blue_king_by_shokxone_studios-d7p3w7c    drinking_buddies__olivia_wilde_by_shokxone_studios-d6j4t37