Fan Art of the Week: Classic X-Men by Patrick Ballesteros

I’m a sucker for the oldies, so when I saw Patrick Ballesteros’ latest edition to his 25 Cent Wonders series, “X Marks the Spot”, I knew who we were going to feature this week!

Ballesteros crams so many fun details into his work!  For instance, in this piece we have Colossus winding up Wolvie for their signature fast ball special and Cyclops sadly clutching his Jean Grey doll, still in mourning from her recent demise, I presume.

In addition to his freelance work as an illustrator/concept artist for the film, game, and animation industries, Patrick also teaches at the Concept Design Academy(Pasadena, California) and the Computer Graphics Master Academy(CGMA).

If you’d like to order some of Patrick’s art prints, you may do so here or you can pick them up in person at WonderCon next month!


Instagram: patrickballesteros

Additional works:

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