Fan Art of the Week: Cloak & Dagger by Walter O’Neal

Big news this week!  Marvel’s enigmatic duo, Cloak & Dagger, are getting their own ABC Famil-“cough””cough”- I mean Freeform TV series!

Veteran concept artist & sculptor at Sideshow CollectiblesWalter O’Neal AKA Professor Oreo, created this awesome acrylic Cloak & Dagger piece a few years back.  To celebrate the TV show announcement, we’re dusting it off and sharing it, along with the black & white value study and Cloak sculpture, below, by the aforementioned Prof. Oreo!

Deviant Art page: No-Sign-of-Sanity

Additional works:

cloak_and_dagger_value_study_by_no_sign_of_sanity     a5463c05a8cdeaad79ca78dd836267a6

the_shifletts___ol___scratch_by_no_sign_of_sanity   me_am____bizarro_by_no_sign_of_sanity

medusa__s_daughter_by_no_sign_of_sanity   the_joker__s_calling_card_by_no_sign_of_sanity