Fan Art of the Week: Deadpool by Matteo De Santis

It looks like Deadpool is breaking records for a rated-R movie opening, so let’s celebrate with some outstanding fan art by Italian artist Matteo De Santis!  I love Matteo’s gritty “Corben-esque” drawing style.  His work also reminds me of the old 1990’s Punisher comics by Frank Teran.

Also, Matteo De Santis has a web-comic called Cowboys from Hell with writer M. Torti. It’s in Italian and you can check it out here.

Deviant Art page: dessablazer

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Additional works:

cfh_tavola_6_by_dessablazer-d9r4fg4   cfh_colored_version_by_dessablazer-d9danhj

bats_vs_supes_by_dessablazer-d9f0pyb   schopenhauer_aka_old_man_logan_by_dessablazer-d7k7bvj

sketchs_1_by_dessablazer-d78q28l  cap_vs_hitler_by_dessablazer-d7mh4yh

kk-venom-drawing  hulk_splash_by_dessablazer-d5yyrjo