Fan Art of the Week: Lobo by Tristan “T-Rex” Jones

To celebrate the news that a Lobo motion picture is back on track with a new screenwriter, let’s honor this great piece of fan art by Tristan “T-Rex” Jones!(with colors by Mike Spicer)

“T-Rex” is a professional comics artist based out of Melbourne, Australia.  He’s currently working on a new Aliens series with writer Brian Wood.  His past credits include Ghostbusters, TMNT, Silent Hill, and cover art for various companies.

Deviant Art page: T-RexJones

Instagram: @tyrannojones

Additional works:

lobo_by_t_rexjones-d84c5h1   alien_by_t_rexjones-d8ctm7q

cis3apfwiai_8gp_by_t_rexjones-d8yr99m     ghostbusters_9___haunted_america___cvr_b_by_tristjones-d4neqzr


bolt_by_t_rexjones-d9lhjdw     gwen_by_t_rexjones-d9lqpqg

gbtmnt2_by_t_rexjones-d8g2c7d    joe_by_t_rexjones-d8fxxqr

furiosapg3_by_t_rexjones-d8xmash   hoax_hunters_cover_nude_by_tristjones-d5gsbfu