Fan Art of the Week: Ms. Marvel by Dave Reynolds

To celebrate the new Ms. Marvel #1 that hit stands this week, we dust off some fan art from a couple years ago by artist Dave Reynolds! This new Ms. Marvel, Kamala Khan, is one of the freshest new takes on the classic teenage super-hero story to come along since the introduction of Peter Parker by Stan Lee & Steve Ditko(..and Jack Kirby, of course!). So, it’s no wonder why many artists out there have been inspired to draw fan art of her.

Reynolds co-created and drew the web-comic, ShadowGirls from 2007-2011, That comic is available in printed and digital form via the link below. A continuation of ShadowGirls(of sorts) called Caribbean Chaos is currently happening in another webcomic, Rival Angels.

For lots more “bad girl” and robot art, check out Dave Reynolds deviant art page via the link!

ShadowGirls Season 1 link

Deviant Art Page: MachSabre

  Additional Works

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e721ee50fbf31ac6a50ce9c82c40de29-d7vt1io    anx_red_sonya_colored_by_machsabre

the_refrigerator_of_secrets_by_machsabre-d7dhcrf    caribbean_chaos_pg__04_by_machsabre-d93uhaa

sparklergirl_by_machsabre    squirrel_power___by_machsabre-d8cdiik