Fan Art of the Week: Punisher by Sherry Konkus

Sherry Konkus draws us The Punisher(Steve Dillon style) playing the harp!  No, this is not an April Fool’s joke.  As you can see below, Konkus takes her harp wielding Frank Castle very seriously!

You can find pictures of the artist herself playing the heavenly instrument in her DArt gallery.  I wonder if she’s a Joanna Newsom fan…

Deviant Art page: OwossoHarpist

Additional works:

frank_s_no_angel__by_owossoharpist-d80x1ik        at_the_castle_family_s_grave_site_by_owossoharpist-d8ok4z2


the_punisher_harpin__away__by_owossoharpist-d8fkefj   posing_with_his_harp_by_owossoharpist-d8lvwk4


bulletproof_playing_his_harp_by_owossoharpist-d2v49xo     a_disturbing_punisher_image__by_owossoharpist-d92zvs9