Fan Art of the Week: Wonder Woman by Dragan Koracevic

Wonder Woman is one of the few titles I’m interested in reading from the DC Rebirth initiative, just because of my respect for writer Greg Rucka and the great artists working on it(Liam Sharpe/Nicola Scott/Frank Cho).  Since she’s such an iconic character, there’s a ton of great Wonder Woman fan art out there, so we’re going to look at something a little different!

Croatian artist Dragan Koracevic specializes in highly expressive & super elastic cartoon drawings.  Ren & Stimpy and Daffy Duck are two big influences for this artist.  If you comb through their Deviant Art gallery, you can also find pages of original comics, too.

It’s been almost a year since Koracevic’s last art update, so let’s think positively and just assume that they got a new kick-ass job in animation that’s keeping them too busy to post.

Devaint Art page: HammersonHoek

Art Blog: HammersonLand

Additional works:

old_school_daffy_by_hammersonhoek-d3w323c    spumco_christmas___version_1_by_hammersonhoek

it__s_adventure_time_by_hammersonhoek     the_beatles_redux_by_hammersonhoek-d8jg4mi


lady_gaga_by_hammersonhoek    poison_ivy___version_2_by_hammersonhoek


popeye_meets_eugene_the_jeep_by_hammersonhoek     mutant_mickey_by_hammersonhoek