iZombie Postmortem: Episode 13

iZombie Ep. 13: Blaine’s World

This episode should’ve been called “Dirty Major”. It was an exciting and fiery season finale, that’s for sure! I wasn’t a huge fan of Major at the beginning, but I’ve come around(for the most part). I understand why he’s mad at Liv after all of the lies and all that he’s been through, but I’d think, given time, he’d see why she made the choices she made. I was kind of hoping he’d remain a zombie for season 2, just because he’s been such a zombie-hater, but I suppose that’s not his role in the story.


This finale will have a lot of meaningful impact on the future of the series. We’re left with a lot of big questions going into season 2:

Will Liv’s brother survive his injuries? I think he will, but obviously Liv’s refusal to donate her blood to save him will have lasting repercussions.

How will Blaine’s body respond to the “zombie-cure”? I don’t know. I need to go back and see how the rats reacted. Didn’t one die after being cured?? There was a different serum after that, i think. I don’t think Blaine will just croak unceremoniously. If he is cured this could change the dynamic of his whole character. Maybe, he’ll team up with Major and become a zombie hunter, or maybe he’ll just settle down and become Liv’s next love interest!

What’s up with Peyton?? She just ran off at the end of the penultimate episode. If she is coming back for season 2(I hope!), I think they’ll probably drag out the tension between her and Liv. I imagine she’d break up with Dr. Ravi as well, since he was basically keeping the truth about Liv from her.


How long is Clive going to believe this “psychic” Liv bs..? I guess he could forever? But, probably not. The question is, will he find out about her zombie-ness early season 2 or late? At the end of the day, whether it’s “psychic Liv” or zombie Liv, I think Clive will remain her partner in solving crime.

Will Dr. Ravi & Liv hook up?! I know people don’t want this. I’m not even sure I want it, but it sort of makes sense, especially if they’re commiserating the “loss” of their mutual friend Peyton. Plus, Peyton’s interest in Ravi kind of upped his stock in Liv’s eyes. If it does happen, I don’t see it lasting more that an episode or 2. Just something to get out of their systems, then back to zombie-business!

I have to say that iZombie exceeded my expectations. It was so well written and acted. I’m really looking forward to season 2, which should be starting around October, I believe. I hope we get a full 23+ episode season! I think that would really give the writers a chance to explore Liv’s love life and relationship with her family.

5/5 brains!

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Episode 13 Lost Scene: i(White)Zombie


iZombie airs Tuesdays at 9pm on The CW. The series returns in the Fall for Season 2.