iZombie Postmortem: Episode 3

iZombie Season 1, Episode 3: The Exterminator

The Great! – It’s the fact that I’m not doing a “The not so good…” category this week. It was an all around solid episode. Also, I’m short on time this week, so keeping things brief.(but, I’m adding a new feature! –see below)

The first Zombie fight(cat) was awesome!(although, kind of sad, too) I actually find Liv  kind of extra adorable with her blood red eyes!


The Good – I really liked how they showed Liv’s adopted sociopath side, after she eats the killer’s brains. She was able to handle the video of her ex, Major, gallivanting around with a new lady, and then she almost let one of her closest friends, Dr. Ravi, die, before snapping back to normal to save him. Good stuff, good writing! I’m still not really feeling the crime-fighting partnership she has with Detective Babineaux, but I trust that aspect of the show will make more sense to me, and develop as time goes on.

This quote made me chuckle, for some reason..”The car still has LoJack on. Does that help??”

New Feature! – Lost scene from episode 3! ENJOY! 😉 


Check out the iZombie podcast. It’s really good!

iZombie airs Tuesdays at 9pm on The CW.