New Comics Day: What’s On Tap 1/11/17

Pull of the Week!  Green Valley #4 by Max Landis & Giuseppe Camuncoli – Image

I just binge-read the first three issues of this series, and I have to say I’m really impressed by Landis’ suspenseful, character-driven story and Camuncoli’s lushly detailed artwork!  The story is set in a fantasy world(similar to Game of Thrones) and follows the famed “Knights of Kelodia” as the world they know seems to crumble out from under them.  Each issue is full of surprising twists and turns and I really don’t know what to expect next.  That’s why I’ll be scooping this up ASAP on new comics day!

Also, Max Landis wrote the screenplay for one of my favorite movies from 2015, American Ultra, which is one of the better “super powers” movies not based off of a comic book, I think.

                        Cover of the Week!                                                               Variant of the Week!           


Diamond’s List

Bonus! Here’s a nice recreation of Marvel Super-Heroes #8 Winter Special cover(which was the comic that introduced Squirrel Girl) by June Brigman!