Top 5 Comics Pull List for March 2016 :: (Jan. 2016 Previews)

Top 5 Comics Pull List – January 2016 Previews – in shops March 2016

5. Spider-Woman #5  by Dennis Hopeless & Javier Rodriguez – Marvel

How many popular mainstream super-hero comics have ever had the title character giving birth to a baby, before?  I’m not a Marvel/DC lore-master, so I’m just guessing that this is a first??  So, for that reason and just because it’s such a well written & drawn book, this issue makes our list at number five!


4. The Rattler OGN by Greg Hinkle & Jason McNamara – Image Comics

Sort of a blind pick for me here, but I loved Greg Hinkle’s art on the recent Airboy mini-series and the story description sounds really interesting. It’s a dark thriller about a man trying to uncover the truth about his fiancée’s murder, who’s voice starts calling out to him in unexpected places. This leads him down a dangerous trail of death and destruction. Sold!


3. Delete #1 by Jimmy Palmiotti & Justin Gray, John Timms on art, Amanda Conner cover art – Devil’s Due/1First Comics

I’m always down for trying out a new series by the talented creative team behind Harley Quinn.  This is a futuristic story(but, maybe not too far from our present reality…) about minds being manipulated & erased by an oppressive government via brain scan technology.  One of the main characters, a mute girl, seeks a handyman’s help in eluding the authorities after she witnesses a multiple murder.


2. The Discipline  #1 by Peter Milligan & Leandro Fernandez – Image Comics

I had a great time interviewing Mr. Milligan and just hearing how excited he was about this next project says a lot, in it of itself!  It’s a dark & sexy tale about a woman involved in an affair with a stranger that leads to something mysterious & deadly.  Artist Leandro Fernandez previously worked with Milligan on The Names(DC/Vertigo), and his style seems perfectly matched for this kind of story.


1. Patience – HC by Dan Clowes – Fantagraphics Books 

Eightball was pretty much my introduction to the Small Press comix scene back in the early ’90s, so any new Dan Clowes book is going to make this list, but in this case we’re talking about his biggest original graphic novel to date and it’s described as an “indescribable psychedelic science-fiction love story” –WHOA! So, yes, Patience gets our #1 slot this month!


Honorable Mentions:

Black Widow #1 by Mark Waid & Chris Samnee – Marvel – The Daredevil team is back, working on Marvel’s favorite Russian femme fatale. Count me in!

Eerie Comics #1(replica) – by Joe Kubert, Fred Kida, etc. – Canton Street Press – These “reproductions” look super nice and they’ve been bringing long lost comics like Moon Girl back into the spotlight, which is a good thing!

Circuit Breaker #1 by Kyle Baker & Kevin McCarthy – Image Comics – Worth a pick up for the great Kyle Baker art alone!

The Infinity Entity #1-4(weekly) by Jim Starlin & Alan Davis – Marvel – Two comics legends doing their thing. ‘Nuff said!

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