10 Questions with Eva Cabrera

1. Hyrule or The Land of Ooo?

I love Hyrule and I think I would live there because my life is a great adventure full of magic, but I would love to visit The Land of Ooo because I want to meet a stretchy talking dog and ride on a rainbow unicorn… that sounds awesome!

10 Questions with Eva Cabrera

2. Do you ever drink and draw or partake in any other vices while making comics??

Vices…? I don’t think I need it, my imagination has taken me to places even I didn’t know existed.

3. Mavi is your new graphic novel with Boudika Comics collaborator Claudia Aguirre. It’s a dark tale about a Queen descending into madness over jealousy & greed, after her successor is born. Can you tell us more about this story and the origin of the magical Kingdom of Egarat?

Mavi is a story of love with a vengeance, where magical elements and dark fantasy make up an intriguing plot about the dangers of obsession and the need for courage in desperate times.

The original idea is based on popular fairy tales, however, it’s not an adaptation, it’s just an ingredient that I used for the development of history. In each chapter there is a subtle reference to tales of the Brothers Grimm, Lewis Carroll, L. Frank Baum, J. M. Barrie, among others. It is a mix of fairy dust with everyday situations. You just fall in love with the characters.

The House of Dreams by Eva Cabrera & Claudia Aguirre

4. What was the last good movie you’ve seen?

I’ve been so busy that I haven’t been to the movies, but the last movie I watched was Jurassic World. I loved it!

5. So, what’s the comics scene like in Mexico? Are there a lot of comic book shops? Any new comics that you especially enjoy reading??

The comic scene in Mexico has always been small, but nowadays there’s a resurgence of the scene with new, brilliant creator-owned projects happening every year and small festivals celebrating creators. I try not to limit myself to a particular geographical spot but I try to never neglect my readers back in Mexico, even tough the situation is difficult.

Mexican comics that make me excited? The guys at 656 Comics have one of the best repertories ever and I enjoy every new creation they publish!

Daymares(Boudika Comics) by Eva Cabrera & Claudia Aguirre

6. Do you have any other passions besides drawing & comics?

I love traveling and seeing new places, reading books and talking about them on my literary blog. I’m passionate about photography since I was a child, everything visual, art and culture: Viajando con Eva.  

7. Describe your worst dating experience.

I don’t remember any now.

8. You just released The Sandman Sketchbook 100 page Hardcover featuring a stunning cover of Morpheus himself. Is this a limited edition book and can you tell us more about what we’ll find inside?

Oh, it’s not a book per se; that illustration was posted for 2013 Comic-Con Souvenir Book:25th Anniversary of The Sandman, it’s a hand-made notebook for drawing or writing with a cover drawn by me.

The Sandman print by Eva Cabrera

9. Any scary comic book convention stories you can share with us?? Have you been able to meet any artists you admire along the way?

I don’t remember anything unusual happening to me… and of course I’ve met artists I admire, even some are now my friends 🙂

What were some of your favorite artists growing up?

I always liked the work of authors like Maitena Burundarena, Naoko Takeuchi, Rumiko Takahashi and I really loved the work of Walt Disney. At that time I watched a lot of cartoons, reading comics and books.

10. What’s the game plan, comics-wise, the rest of 2015? Any big announcements you’d like to make here??

I have many ideas in my head, many stories to tell and some dealings with publishers, but all in due time, this year will be a lot of work. For now I can tell you that I will be working on a graphic novel to take to France. The future of Boudika Comics is very promising.

No Entren Al 1408 by Eva Cabrera

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Thank you, Eva!

Interview date: February 2015 – A. Yates