10 Questions with Kristen Gudsnuk

1. Krypto or Bat-Cow?

Krypto looks exactly like my dog, Penny, so that’s a no-brainer!  Also, dogs rule!

10 Questions with Kristen Gudsnuk

2. Do you ever drink and draw or partake in any other vices while making comics??

I need all the hand-eye coordination I can get, so no.  Unless you count having the television on as a vice.

3. Henchgirl is one of my favorite new comics, so I was sad to hear that it’s ending with issue #11, but that’s still far off, considering the fact that we’re just on issue #4(with #5 hitting stands on March 30th).

What shenanigans should we expect in the next few issues, and any chance we’ll see a return of Henchgirl, someday, after you complete this run?

Issue 5 onward gets a bit more serialized and intense, although there are certainly gags aplenty.  You can expect Mary to participate in both puppy theft and janitorial duties.

I would be open to revisiting Henchgirl in the future (especially if the public were clamoring for it), but I think I’d want to focus on a different character in that case, just because I feel like these 11 issues tell a complete story about Mary.

Henchgirl #2 & interior page by Kristen Gudsnuk

4. Which artists(comics or otherwise) do you admire the most and have you gotten the opportunity to meet any of them?

I have a ton of favorite artists, and have met a few of them at cons.  I’m a huge fan of Jake Wyatt— I love his aesthetic, which is cute and retro but still with a realistic physicality; I also love his color palettes and use of mixed media textures.  I met him once at a convention and babbled weirdly at him, and then ran off and hoped he’d immediately forget our interaction.

Babs Tarr is also amazing.  Other artists I love are Rumiko Takahashi, because she’s also a great writer and draws hilarious expressions, and Lisa Hanawalt, whose work is also very funny.

5. What was the last good movie you’ve seen?

I’ve seen a lot of good movies lately.  I watched Room two days ago, so I guess that was the latest. What a movie!  It was even better than The Room by Tommy Wiseau.  One of my New Years’ resolutions this year was to review every movie I watched this year, so I actually wrote a little review if you’re interested…

6. You’ve mentioned the show New Girl as one inspiration for the humor in Henchgirl.  I haven’t watched much of that show, but since I love Henchgirl maybe I should start! 

Would you approve of Zooey Deschanel playing Mary Posa in a TV adaptation of Henchgirl?  Any other actors you’d love to see bring your comic to life??

Actually, I think Abbi Jacobson from Broad City would be the perfect Henchgirl.  Broad City is so hilarious, and Abbi even has the right hairstyle.  As for other actors, I try not to do dream-casting for Henchgirl because that’s just setting my life expectations way too high.  But as I was watching Broad City, I couldn’t help but mentally cast Abbi.

Henchgirl #9 & #10 covers

7. Describe your worst dating experience.

I haven’t been on very many dates.  I think my worst experience was when the guy said he was footing the bill (despite me saying I wanted to go halfsies) and so I passive-aggressively ordered a side and no entree.  But that was a case of me being a terrible date.

8. Have you read any good comics, lately, that you could share with us?  Do you collect comic books or anything else??

I love Squirrel Girl, Ms. Marvel, most comics with that zany, action-comedy tone.  I really liked the kid-Cyclops miniseries where he goes into space with Corsair.  I loved a lot of the Bendis Uncanny X-Men run.

I haven’t read any recent X-comics, because I am epically confused about reading order, and can’t be bothered to look into the issue beyond cursory Google searches.  Recently I’ve been doing an epic read of Claremont’s X-Men run, and now I’m in the mid-80s.  Other than the arc about The Brood, I absolutely love his run so far.

Henchgirl #6 & interior page by Kristen Gudsnuk

9. Do you have any funny or strange stories from the comics convention circuit?  Any odd commission requests??

I always get weird requests.  Someone requested Matter Eater Lad eating Wonder Woman’s lasso.  That has to be the weirdest one.

10. What else do you have going on in 2016 and beyond?

I’m doing some writing for IDW’s Strawberry Shortcake series, which is cool because it’s my first professional writing job.  I have a few other projects that are still unannounced, but I’m really excited for!!

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Thank you, Kristen!

Interview date: March 2016 – A. Yates