10 Questions with Marley Zarcone

1. John Constantine or Rac Shade?

If we’re talking about hangouts, Rac Shade easy! He’s an intergalactic poet, and there’s a possibility I may meet Lenny if he’s pulling things around.  John is a jerk, and I would most likely wind up brutally murdered by some entity he’s pissed off in the past.

10 Questions with Marley Zarcone

2.  Do you ever drink and draw or partake in any other vices while making comics??

Sometimes I play Judge Judy in the background. That’s one of the reasons why my husband and I can’t share a work space.  I’m terrible at drink and draw gatherings.  If I leave my home(rare occurrence) to go to a bar, then I’m only going to be focused on the drinking.

3.  Shade, The Changing Girl #6 concludes the first story arc with Megan finally confronting Loma(the alien inhabiting her body).  So, without spoiling too much, what can you tell us about this encounter and what should we look forward to in the next arc?

Got to keep the secrets, so apologies for being vague! Loma and Megan may seem to be approaching their final battle, but something surprising is just about to take root. Muahaha!

Blade of the Immortal & Madame Xanadu by Marley Zarcone

4.  What was the last good movie you’ve seen?

It Follows is probably the last movie that really stuck in my brain. I’m sure I’ve seen plenty of movies since then, but I can’t really recall them as well.

5. Which artists(comics or otherwise) do you admire the most and have you gotten the opportunity to meet any of them?

Hiroaki Samura (Blade of the Immortal) is one of my biggest influences.  I used to skip lunch in high school, and use the money to buy the singles.  Unfortunately, haven’t had the opportunity to meet him, but I would probably say something embarrassing to his translator.  I was introduced to Dave Gibbons once, and I swooned like an idiot!

6. What would you do if you got your hands on the M-Vest(madness-vest)??

I would amplify everything my cat does.  That’s the most logical choice.

Shade interior page & Marley's cat

7. Describe your worst dating experience.

Broke up with ex, and he kept my Tekken Tag.  Unacceptable!

8. So, what comics do you like to read and collect?  Do you have one comics-related prized possession you could share with us here?? 

Besides my Blade of the Immortal collection, I am a massive Otomo fan, so I’m totally proud of recently snagging a copy of Sayonara Nippon for 1 yen on Amazon.  Really good condition too!

Currently reading all of the Young Animal titles(Doom Patrol, Cave Carson, Mother Panic), Harrow County, Head Lopper, and Rumble.  Island is pretty cool, and I plan on binge reading The Wicked + The Divine soon.

Shade the Changing Girl #6 & Young Animal zine

9. Have you had any funny or embarrassing moments at comics conventions/book signings/etc?

Tons of embarrassing moments at conventions, but those tales are only fit for telling in person.  I do have a story from when I worked at a comic shop years ago, so hopefully that counts! 

We had this customer who absolutely despised John Byrne, and he expressed this hatred by flipping anything Byrne worked on upside down and backwards.  We would find random floppies flipped all over the place.  Fixing it was pretty much a weekly part of the tidying routine.  Well one Wednesday, we set up a full wall of John Byrne’s JLA, and this customer absolutely lost his mind.  He knew how it was going to be set up too, and bee-lined straight for that wall.  Then commenced the flipping and the shouting.  It was pretty impressive!

10. What else do you have going on in 2017 and beyond?

2017 will be mostly dedicated to Shade the Changing Girl!  I will also be popping in to draw a short for the Femme Magnifique Anthology.  Gerard Way is writing, and it’s about Joan of Arc!  Exciting!

Shade, The Changing Girl #6 hits comic book stands this week!

Shade splash page by Marley Zarcone

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Thank you, Marley!

Interview date: Feb. 2017 – A. Yates