10 Questions with Michel Fiffe

1. Count Vertigo or Deadshot?

Amanda Waller.

10 Questions with Michel Fiffe

2. Do you ever drink and draw? If not, are there any other vices you partake in while making art??

I did a speedball once and tried to draw but all I ended up doing was staring at the page, I was so paralyzed.

3. COPRA Round 2 is coming out this month(March) from Bergen Street Press. This will get readers caught up through issue 12. Currently, the series is up to issue 19, and you seem to keep issues 13 on up in print on your ETSY shop. So, does that mean once Round 3 is released, the next 6 issues(13-18) will be “retired”?

They’ll naturally be retired. By the time Round 3 comes around, the single issues will be out of print at the rate they’re going (issues 17 and 18 are already gone). It’s too bad because I really like the issues as individual units.

Copra Round 1 & 2 by Michel Fiffe

4. Suicide Squad ran 66 issues, plus 2 annuals/specials. Is that the game plan for COPRA, or are you thinking more Cerebus-like numbers? Will you ever expand the COPRA universe with another title, or bring on other creators to work on your characters?

All that and more. To me, fifty issues register as “Cerebus numbers”. I have a complete mega arc to tell, and I’ll navigate how long it’ll take to tell it as I’m making it. It could be 27 or 48 or 87 issues. I’ll try to round up.

5. What was the last good movie you’ve seen?

Dead Man’s Shoes. Because revenge.

6. Will you be working on more Marvel projects in the future, now that New Ultimates has ended? I think you’d be perfect writing(drawing?) some of the Secret Wars books!

Thanks, Andrew! There are a couple of things in the works that I’m really excited about. I will beat that drum when the time comes. Really, anything I can fit within my COPRA schedule I will be happy to do.

Copra #19 & #20 by Michel Fiffe

7. Just as you’ve had interactions with some of the greats like Steve Ditko, Walt Simonson, and John Ostrander, do you find yourself now in the position of providing wisdom, and guidance to young aspiring artists? I would think that your unique style, and DIY approach to self publishing would inspire many young comics creators looking to break into the industry.

Nah, I’m not in that position, or at least I’m not comfortable in that position. I try to be as helpful as I can to whoever asks, but that’s on a case-by-case basis. “Breaking into the industry” is such a fractured, chaotic term. Everyone finds their own way in. Self-publishing itself is almost another world, in that you’re basically creating the industry you want to be a part of.

8. Speaking of creating your own industry, how did you get the word out about COPRA in the early days? Was there any one moment where things blew up, or was it more of a gradual process?

It was gradual as far as I can tell. Most folks heard about COPRA from out of nowhere, so it must’ve felt like it blew up overnight, but for me it was little by little. It was really great to see word-of-mouth at work on that level. It was just me selling a few hundred copies and word gradually spread. No real hype, no marketing or “name” to push this book. It’s just basically a dude putting out a book on a regular basis. That’s been the plan and I’m sticking to it.

Copra interior pages by Michel Fiffe

9. Do you enjoy what Hollywood has done with the comic book characters you grew up with? Do you have any favorite super-hero movies, or least favorite ones? Any thoughts on the upcoming Suicide Squad movie?

The only thing I personally hope this Suicide Squad movie does is raise enough interest in the John Ostrander/Kim Yale series to the point where DC puts it back into print, hopefully benefiting Ostrander. That run deserves to be on the shelves, high amongst the classics and making everything else pale in comparison.

10. Other than cranking away at COPRA, what else do you have planned for 2015? Any chance at a Zegas revival?

What is a Zegas, what is a 2015 even? COPRA is all I know.

Deathzone! & Zegas by Michel Fiffe

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Thank you, Michel!

Interview date: March 2015 – A. Yates