10 Questions with Tim Vigil

1. DC Superheroes or Marvel Superheroes?

Growing up I was always a Marvel fan. The best series to date in my opinion was the Fantastic Four by Jack Kirby.

10 Questions with Tim Vigil

Captain America was also a favorite, so sort of adolescent image of pride and country, Marvel just seemed to have better product. I didn’t get into DC until Neal Adams came along with Batman and Gil Kane started doing Hawk and Dove. DC seemed to be experimental where Marvel was a strong foundation…sigh, all is lost now, they both have a smell to them.

2. Do you ever drink and draw?(..this is Comics Tavern) If not, are there any other vices(food/drink/drugs/sex/other) you partake in while making art??

I do drink and draw at my local Round Table Pizza. [Hope I get a free pizza for the plug]. I have done most drugs at one time or another to experiment with but nothing that lingered. Now sex is great for art. Nothing like titties on your back while drawing or a wet bj for inspiration. Ah, the female muse. whoo-whooooooooooo! Jesus, i get hard just thinking about it. better call my bee-atch.

Silver Wolf comics Dragon Quest & Grips by Tim Vigil

3. What was the last good movie you’ve seen?

I am a huge fan of CGI SFX. I am constantly amazed at what can be done with the computer. I wish I had gotten into it when younger. So I can like a bad movie for its effects…but to answer the question…i liked Pacific Rim and Elysium. Movies played a huge part in growing up. My brother, my friends and I made super 8 action movies and also went to college for a film degree. I studied drama and I hope it shows in my work. I will watch films without sound just to see if I believe the actors and watch the editing…with a naked woman giving me a…. oops sorry , carried away with last question.

4. Is a collected edition of Faust on the way? How about an ARTIST’S EDITION?

There are plans to do a collected version but we are poor people and I will have to do the production of it.

So it’s the last thing I think about. Being independent is a rough gig. I have to work 3 times as hard to get half the respect mainstream artists/companies do.

Faust Act 3 & Act 13 by Tim Vigil

5. Which mainstream IP(intellectual property) would you most like to work on, and why?(comics/movies/TV/literature/etc.)

Well, that is easy. Everyone growing up drawing comics wants to do Batman. I like individual characters. It shows in my personality. I’m not good in crowds and avoid groups a lot yet eye the movement and actions of others from afar and cast judgement. POW! BLAM! SMASH!  Holy ass kicking Batman. Yes, I live in a fantasy world in my mind, yes, yes…I know, I know..but the voices in my head sing so well together.

6. Has there ever been a commission request that you considered a little “beyond the pale” or even something that you didn’t want to draw?

NEVER!. When I am at a con I am there for the people. Anything they can think of or want I will do. But some of the Super Hero stuff can be boring.

Artwork by Tim Vigil

7. Describe your worst dating experience.

Well one time in band camp…..dating gets worst as you get older, I am uglier. the women are uglier.

My body isn’t the sex machine it was…and the women want more…ughhhhhh  why can’t a woman be more like a man ..I need a sugar mama. But to the question… was a drive in with my girl..balls deep in the back of the van..don’t bother knock’n if the van is rock’n and there is a knock and a face at the window..watching my hot girl ride me like a Kentucky Derby champion. A voice was heard…ughh your parking lights are on…shit!  Butt naked i had to crawl over to turn them off and still the dude watched..needless to say that was a buzz killer. My girl friend wanted to leave right then and there. All in all it really doesn’t sound so bad, but tell that to my rock hard boner.

8. Your work really pushed the envelope in terms of sex and violence in comics. Faust went further than just about any comic out there. Are there any particular artists that inspired you to go in this direction with your art?

That is interesting cause I really didn’t think I was doing anything so special. But time and time again I get people telling me that it was so shocking and they had never seen anything like it. I look back at my art and see a lot of Richard Corben’s influence. I was glued to his comic art. Big tits shaking and fat wang flopping about. I saw a road to travel on. A less road traveled and full of danger. I figured giving it an adults only stamp would make it all good, but it seems I had a way with mixing sex and violence together that affected readers strongly. My work has taken from many of the artists I admired and the ones I do now. Every single artist solves a unique problem that I can’t and I want to be the best I can be, but Corben’s underground work was something else. I have swiped ideas from the master and put my own twist on it. Ahhh the memories of seeing his art for the first time. Rough yet sensual anatomical figures, action, brutal and direct; and the women, luscious and tantalizing. Thank you, Richard Corben.

Tim Vigil Artbook & Gothic Nights #1

9. Considering your amazing skills as an artist, I always wondered why I don’t see you working for the big two, or Dark Horse, etc. Is this simply because you prefer to work outside the mainstream, or is there another reason?

I have been blacklisted as a hard to work with artist, because I have an opinion. Frightened little children that have the power of choosing who does who. The devil bent over to have his ass kissed. I would kiss it, I guess, but with an opinion and maybe a hard slap on his ass…shave that damn thing!  lol  Nuff said.

10. What should we expect to see from you for the rest of 2014? Are there any exciting new projects on the horizon that you can tell us about?

The mystical future. Tim draws. That is what he does. I really don’t know. Nostradamus did not have a quatrain to predict anything for me. What will happen will surprise us both.

Dark Utopia by Tim Vigil

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Thank you, Tim!

Interview date: May 2014 – A. Yates

*Special thanks to Jon Vinson, comics writer & fellow Vigil fan, for writing half of the questions for this.