2014 Oscars Mumblings…

“…so, it’s once again time to bow down, and worship our tinsel-town deities. The Oscars are here…I need to figure out what’s the most comfortable position to sit on my ass for 7+ hours of red-carpet interviews, and Ellen DeGeneres yuk yuks…I’m going to just say what everyone else is saying, that this is a strong year…quality films…great performances…yada yada yada….
The 55th Annual GRAMMY Awards - Backstage And AudienceJennifer-Lawrence-Lupita-Nyongo-SAG-Awards-2014
….but I still think that 9 Best Picture nominees is fucking ridiculous…let’s just go back to 5, so it can really mean something again…with 9 slots all a film has to do is cast Meryl Streep, or Judi Dench, and they’re in…my favorite film of the year, Inside Llewyn Davis wasn’t even nominated…fuck you, Academy…I have actually seen all of the Best Picture nominees…yes, I deserve a medal…a few I haven’t seen that might have made my list: Stoker, Blue is the Warmest Color, The World’s End…I always enjoy this yearly orgy of celebrity ego stroking….I just hope that Shia LaBeouf crashes the party……….”
Bold= who I think will win.
italic= who I’d vote for.
Best Picture
Best Directing
Best Actor in a Leading Role
Best Actress in a Leading Role
Best Actor in a Supporting Role
Best Actress in a Supporting Role
Best Adapted Screenplay
Best Original Screenplay
Best Animated Feature

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