A Deluge of New Titles Announced at Image Expo

I’ve been a big fan of Image Comics in recent years,beacause of their focus on original creator owned titles.  Publisher, Eric Stephenson, announced recently that there would be more new titles announced for 2014 than ever before, and based off of Day 1 of this year’s Image Expo, he wasn’t kidding!  I just wonder if the market will be too over saturated for many of these new titles to survive long-term.  Of course, all of the announcements so far have been for titles by well established creators, so most of these will undoubtedly do well when they launch.  With Image looking to take on the “Big 2” publishers, it might become more difficult for new, unproven talent to get published there.

Here are a few new titles that I’m really excited about:

8House by Brandon Graham, and other contributors including  Marian Churchland, and Emma Rios. As Brandon Graham describes it, “It’s me collaborating with a huge amount of people to make a shared universe, a magic fantasy thing about these eight magical houses that control everything,” he says. “There are all these magic wars going on,” including, “the bodies of Cthulhu monsters in space.”

Cerulean by Nick Spencer and Frazer Irving. Described as a,”sci-fi story about the last survivors of Earth, who upload their consciousnesses and take the long way to an inhabitable planet.”

Airboy by James Robinson and Greg Hinkle.  “A “semi autobiographical” story about their attempt to create a revival of public domain Golden Age character Airboy and the booze and drugs-fueled adventures along the way, which include hallucinating an adventure with Airboy against cyborg Nazis. “If you like ‘Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas,’ ‘Adaptation,’ rousing Golden Age aviation comics and full-frontal nudity, this is the comic you’ve been waiting for,” Robinson says.

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