A Treasure Trove of Comics Await Courtesy of Gabrielle Bell

As comics fans, we don’t realize how spoiled we are. Yes, your average new comic book is going to set you back 3.99 these days, and certain publishers sometimes do their best to take advantage of some of our fan boy obsessions with a million variant covers, or some exclusive signed/remarked special edition of fill-in-the-blank, but we are still spoiled.

Enter the inner thoughts of Gabrielle Bell, sketched out for all to see at her online journal.

There is an incredible backlog of comics available to read for free at her site. She is obviously a very generous person! Her work has been included several times in the Best American Comics yearly anthology.

You can buy her latest book, The Voyeurs, here. It threads together 5 years of autobiographical comics; exploring a turbulent period in the artist’s life as she traveled around the globe.


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