Collector Confessions: Original Heather Benjamin Poster Art Arrived!

I lucked out on this one.  The original buyer fell through, and I was next on the wait list.  That’s why you want to always follow your favorite artists on twitter, tumblr, etc. because sometimes they lose their minds and “give” stuff away for loose change.  This original poster art by Heather Benjamin was made for a music event at a bar in Brooklyn…well, I’ll just let the artist herself describe it, “The show was a bunch of local experimental hip hop and noise artists, it happened back in 2011 at a venue on brooklyn. It was organized by a friend of mine who’s the one who asked me to make the poster. It was a sick show!! I had a lot of fun making the poster too, it was my first time drawing a flyer for a show that wasnt a punk show. So I felt like I could get a little freaky and had a blast with it. It hung at a show at a gallery in Omaha, Nebraska last year so that’s why it’s already framed” 


My friend turned me on to Heather Benjamin’s Sad Sex zines at the first L.A. Zinefest a couple of years back.  Based off of her scrumptiously sexy and bloodied artwork, I’d have to say she’s either slightly unhinged, or the sanest person I’d like to know.  Her newest releases include the collected Sad Sex book and a book collecting 66 drawings called Exorcise.  Each of those are limited to 1000 copies, and she still has some of her original Sad Sex zines, and other zines available in her online store.


I’m so happy to have this original art, and it’s kind of a nice, rare example of Heather Benjamin art that I could hang at a nunnery, and, let me tell you, that ‘s a real possibility!  Also, this poster fills in the long vacant space in my collection for original art actually used for print, since I sadly sold off my original Matt Wagner Batman page, a few years ago.  That one still hurts.


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