Comics Brew Master of the Week: Grant Morrison

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Coming to comics shops this week, courtesy of Image Comics, is the Happy! Deluxe Hardcover, written by Grant Morrison, and with art by Darick Robertson. This new edition includes an exclusive 10 page story by the same creative team, which I think is a bit of an insidious ploy by the publisher to double dip into fan’s wallets. By now, most fans have already bought the original 4 issue series, or perhaps the trade paperback, and now we’re essentially being forced to pay an extra $24.99(or $17.89 on Amazon) to get those 10 pages of extra content.


Here, I was going to make this post a celebration of all things Grant Morrison, but now I find myself thinking, couldn’t have Mr. Morrison put his foot down, and refused to be a part of this fan fleecing? I also recall a certain DC Absolute Edition that Grant was a part of, where they did the same thing, but even worse at a price tag of $99.99(or just a paltry $89.99 on Amazon). By the way, I normally support buying most of your comics, and graphic novels at your local comics shop, but in the case of these unnecessary tactics by comics publishers to rape our fan boy coffers, I think an exception has to be made(unless you can afford to just throw more money at your LCS, by all means!).

Ok, I’m done ranting for now. Did I mention how great of a guy Grant Morrison is? Well, I’m sure that you would all agree, as well as Mark Millar, and Brendan McCarthy!

Well, Grant’s run on Animal Man in the early 90’s is still one of my all time favorite super hero comics deconstruction stories, and for that it is only fitting to make Grant Morrison Comics Tavern’s inaugural Comics Brew Master of the Week!


Each week, we will be celebrating one single creator with a notable release in the comics market that week. Next time around I’ll try to keep things more positive…but, I guarantee nothing!!

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