Comics Brewmaster of the Month: Farel Dalrymple

Congratulations to Farel Dalrymple for being Comics Brewmaster of the Month for February!  An artist’s artist, Farel has been making comics since 1999, and infusing his own special brand of whimsy into his work.  He was a recipient of the Xeric Foundation Grant for self published comics for his original series Pop Gun War in 2000, and he won the prestigious Society of Illustrators Gold Medal in 2002.  He masterfully blends finely detailed inks with a delicate coat of color(I believe he uses watercolor most of the time, but I’ve heard him talk about working digitally, as well) for his illustrations.


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I met Farel at A.P.E. a few years back, and he was nice enough to do a drawing in my sketchbook.  He’s really friendly, and comes off as someone who truly loves making art, and would probably make comics even if there was no recognition for it.  He’s proven his mettle as an illustrator for some of comics’ biggest publishers like Marvel & Dark Horse, as well as continuing to contribute to the Small Press scene with his independent work.  Farel is co-founder of the New York based Meathaus art collective, as well as a regular contributor to the Portland based Study Group Comics Magazine.

He recently had a collection of early work, sketchbook art & rarities published by AdHouse Books, titled Delusional.

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You can preorder It Will All Hurt #1 from Study Group.  This comic collects the first 2 chapters of his web comic, plus includes bonus material.

Farel Dalrymple’s work can also be seen in the recent incarnation of Prophet from Image Comics, and he has a new young adults graphic novel coming out from First Second called The Wrenchies.  A common theme in Farel’s work is the juxtaposition of youthful innocence and promise with dark, dystopic settings.  He explores this narrative further in The Wrenchies which takes place on the same post-apocalyptic planet that is in It Will All Hurt, and follows a group of kids who have to fight all manner of monsters to survive.


2014 looks to be another great year for Farel Dalrymple, and as a fan I’m really excited to see where his journey as an artist takes us next! Cheers!

Tell Me Something I Don’t Know #17 podcast featuring Farel.  It’s a great listen.  You learn a lot about Mr. Dalrymple’s struggles over the years as a starving artist, and some of the growing pains of attending conventions as a professional.  He also delves into his process, and some of the famous mentors he had at school.

Recent L.A. Times Hero Complex interview with Farel. 

10 Questions With Comics Brewmaster Farel Dalrymple

Photo of Farel was “lifted” from FB 😉



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