Comics Brewmaster of the Month: Jon Vinson

Welcome to the inaugural edition of Comics Brewmaster of the Month!  Each month Comics Tavern will shine a spotlight on one exceptional comics creator, and celebrate the works they’ve created.  Part of this very special honor bequeathed by Comics Tavern is that we’ll place a banner in the upper right hand corner of the front page that links to the creator’s site.  This month is almost over, so I apologize in advance to our first “victim”, but hey, you can always say you were the first…

For the month of January, we set our sights on writer extraordinaire, Jon Vinson.  His first self published graphic novel with artist Marco Roblin is called Edge of the Unknown.  The story explores the real life friendship of Harry Houdini, and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, as they attempt to solve a murder mystery in 1920’s Hollywood.  Although, largely fictionalized, the story is deeply rooted in actual history, and if going by the size of the appendix, you can see the impressive amount of time put into research.  H.P. Lovecraft himself makes an appearance, and his writings play a critical part in the narrative, and tone of the book.  The sequel, Edge of the Unknown Volume 2, is currently in development, as well as an all new graphic novel by the same creative team called Endgame.  You can get up to date news, and previews on Jon’s tumblr page here.



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