Comics Brewmaster of the Month: Lauren R. Weinstein

For the month of July we tip our glass to Lauren R. Weinstein as our all-new, uncanny & amazing Comics Brewmaster of the Month! Last week Lauren  released a brand new webcomic called Carriers, and she continues to work feverishly on the sequel to Girl Stories while teaching art, raising a family, and tending to a very demanding garden!


I remember back at APE 2005 discovering Lauren R. Weinstein’s classic debut comic & Xeric Grant recipient Inside Vineyland. The colorful, free, expressive style of the art really caught my attention, so I bought one along with a hand-made sketchbook. Her work was a revelation at the time, in the way that she told a story, like you’re entering her stream of consciousness on paper.

At SDCC 2007 she graced my sketchbook with her pen, as chronicled here.

I’m really happy to see more new comics from Lauren, and I really appreciate her subjecting herself to the latest round of  “10 Questions with…” !!