Comics Brewmaster of the Month: Tim Vigil

Go hide the kiddies, and let your bleeding orifices & oozing flesh wounds flow, because, that’s right, the incomparable Timothy B. Vigil is our Comics Brewmaster for the month of May, 2014!

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Growing up there were 3 comic book artists that I worshiped at the altar of.  Those 3 were John Byrne, Todd McFarlane, and Tim Vigil.  I was introduced to Vigil’s work when I stumbled upon  a copy of Faust #1 at my local comics shop(Land of Ohh’s and Ahh’s in Fountain Valley, CA).  It was relegated to the end of the counter, where the new books were splayed out on new comics day, but there was no chance I’d overlook that horrifically beautiful painted cover with the title character holding up that dripping severed head.  The art on that cover hit me like a direct shot to my depraved 13 year old heart, and I was determined to obtain that sadistic masterpiece, “Adults Only” be damned!


So, as chronicled in My Convention Sketchbook 2003-2013 #32, I recruited my poor Mother to be my accomplice, and thus this grisly treasure was mine!(Bob, being a responsible shop owner, didn’t allow 13 year old’s to buy comics that were obviously for adults, and no other funny book coming down the pike in those days could be considered more “adult” than Faust..”)  I don’t remember the extreme, explicit sexual matter of Faust resonating with me at the time other than,”Ohh..I see boobies!”.  I think I was too young for all that.  Remember, this is before the “freedom” that kids have today, to be exposed to all kinds of porn/nudity on the internet; back then I used to watch shadowy, thrusting silhouettes of people having sex on the static cable channel 99.  But the blood…ohhh that glorious ink brushed blood dripping, oozing off the pages, and all of that detail put into the art just blew my mind!


Last year we finally saw the conclusion of Faust with the release of issues 14 & 15.  I’m personally missing Act 12, which happens to be one of the more difficult issues to find, but I’m sure I’ll track down a copy soon, so I can finish up the story.  Tim Vigil mentions a possibility of a collected version, which really does need to happen, one way or another.  I’m sure that a Kickstarter, or other crowd funding campaign would be wildly successful if done right.  In the meantime you can go to Tim Vigil’s Facebook page here to check out what new material he’s working on.  He has a couple of new sketchbooks available(while supplies last…) Dyna-Pop Revolt: The Art of Tim Vigil, which is a beautiful, robust collection of choice Vigil cuts , and a smaller special sketchbook called A Private Collection which collects one fan’s ultimate Tim Vigil sketchbook for us all to enjoy! I included some pictures below.

dyna-pop-coverinterior-01 vigil-a-private-collection-cover

Besides the sketchbooks, and final issues of Faust, you can find some of his work in his brother Joe Vigil’s books, and he also did a recent special variant cover for the new Chaos #1 from Dynamite Comics.  There was mention of a new “remastered” expanded Gothic Nights when I spoke to Vigil at last year’s Comicon, but much of  his future publishing plans remains a mystery. Perhaps that’s just because he doesn’t like talking about stuff that is still in production.  My inner fan boy yearns for a Tim Vigil X-Men or Batman series, but on second thought, maybe it’s best that he just works on the stuff he wants to work on without having to water down his artistic vision for one of the big companies.


Ultimately, Tim Vigil will always be a controversial figure in the comics industry, because of the content of his work, but his work continues to demand respect by fans and professionals alike.  On more than one occasion, I’ve talked to comics shop owners who have in one way, or another expressed their dislike for Vigil’s comics, but always with the caveat of, “..but, I do respect his ability as an artist..”  I think to a certain degree their’s been an unfair singling out of Tim Vigil as a vulgar, amoral artist/person, but when you consider the popularity of Avatar’s line of comics the last 10 years, and movies like Saw, Hostel, A Serbian Film, etc. maybe he was just ahead of his time, and I don’t see any reason why, for the right project, one of the big companies couldn’t work with him.


At any rate, I look forward to seeing whatever’s next in the world of Tim Vigil comics, and wherever he decides to take us, I’m sure it will be instilled with his distinct, uncensored rebel spirit! Cheers!

A XXX Uncensored Tim Vigil Faust Gallery!!’ve been warned…adults only!

Tim Vigil gives a tutorial on drawing & inking.

*pictures of Tim Vigil were “borrowed” from Facebook. Thanks!