Fan Art of the Week: Big Hero 6 by miacat

With the news this week that Big Hero 6 is returning as a Disney XD animated TV series in 2017, it only seemed proper to celebrate with some snazzy fan art!

We’re keeping things brief this week, because I can’t find much information about our artist miacat, other than that they hail from South Korea and that they obviously love all things Disney/Pixar.  From reading their Deviant Art page, it looks like they might be working on a comic book project titled “Goodster”.

Deviant Art page: miacat7

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Additional works:

beauty_and_the_beast_by_miacat7-d98ov26   zootopia___007_by_miacat7-d9s2911


happy_halloween_by_miacat7-d9egcqh     chain_girl_by_miacat7-d9s28vv


tarzan_and_jane_by_miacat7-d84kgza    rain_by_miacat7-d9sfuah

frozen_royal_family_by_miacat7-d7bgqa9    frozen___birth_by_miacat7-d7wl8m8

telephone_box_by_miacat7-d8pbtpa   goodster_cover_by_miacat7-d8x9vns