Fan Art of the Week: Jazz Age Justice League by Alex Mitchell

Since we’re in the middle of another company-wide relaunch with DC’s Rebirth and since the premise loosely revolves around “lost” pieces of time coming back together, I thought I’d share this very creative version of DC’s ultimate super-team, the Jazz Age Justice League by Alex Mitchell!  Here’s the artist’s ingenious description for each character:

“The J.L.A. is a borderline legal bounty-hunter/vigilante group with limited governmental sanction (“Department of Justice Licensed Agency”). Made up of individuals from various walks of life, all are committed to the take-down of the rising criminal empires that threaten America.

Shayera “Hawk” Hol
Former nightclub singer, onetime Gun moll for the infamous Hawk Gang, run by the ruthless immigrant-turned-gangster Katar Hol. Now she lends her vocal talent, crime world contacts, and mean lever-action shotgun to the fight. No dumb Dora, this bearcat is tops.

Jon “Manhunter” Jones
Gumshoe extraordinaire, master of a hundred disguises. A real palooka in the flesh, he’s an outsider by nature. This hard-boiled P.I. is the real McCoy.

Bruce “the Bat” Wayne
Parents murdered by criminals, he’s devoted his life and considerable fortune to their eradication. A wet blanket at times, but the Darb has the dough!

Clark “Boyscout” Kent
Kansas farmboy moves to the big city, becomes investigative reporter. The ostensible leader of the crew, his aw-shucks charm belies a powerful mind and body. This big six is real keen.

Diana “Princess” Prince
Sent to an upscale all-girl boarding school for most of her childhood, now she’s a budding starlet on the silver screen. A jane with a strong sense of justice and the star power to make things happen. This Hollywood It-girl is no push-over.

Wally “Flash” West
A sheik for the shebas, he lives to go fast. A somewhat-ex-bootlegger and the team driver, he gets them going when they need to get. A drugstore cowboy but in a jalopy he’s just ducky.

John “the Green” Stewart
Former soldier with the 369th Harlem Hellfighters in the War, and a talented jazz musician. After being framed for murder by some rough characters, he joined on with the J.L.A. to give organized crime the bum’s rush out of his city. This swell fella has got the goods.”

Very cool!  And you can see the accompanying Secret Society of Super-Villains piece below.

Alex Mitchell is currently making comics, including his MFA thesis project titled Moon of Exile, which is a collection of short stories.  He also keeps busy doing various illustrations and working in animation.

Devaint Art page: genesischant

Tumblr: Red Fathoms

Additional works:


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