Fan Art of the Week: Kamandi, The Last Boy on Earth by Simon Fraser

Jack Kirby’s complete Kamandi, The Last Boy on Earth to be collected Summer 2017!

Simon Fraser is a veteran comics creator from Scotland(currently residing in the U.S.) best known for co-creating “Nikolai Dante” in 2000AD, drawing Judge Dredd, and working on Richard Matheson’s HELLHOUSE for IDW.  He’s part of the Act-I-vate Comix collective, and you can find many of his other original comics, like Lilly Mackenzie, via the link below.

Deviant Art page: SimonFraser

Creator Profile:

Additional works:

6_4a4ac180802acb4a94cb31efe3240c9c               madman_ship_by_simonfraser-d8s911f


fly_girl_by_simonfraser-d4foixt                       barbarella_by_simonfraser-d8s90ih

lilly_mackenzie___starwatcher_by_simonfraser-d4bjck2         treeborg_by_simonfraser-d5t12od

static1_squarespace_by_simonfraser-d8s91gi         dorothy_witch_colour_by_simonfraser-d7g4jyh