Fan Art of the Week: Painkiller Jane by Kevin E. Meinert

Jessica Chastain to produce and star in Painkiller Jane film adaptation!

Kevin E. Meinert is an experienced illustrator, card insert artist, and comics convention circuit veteran of many years.  He recently completed a successful Kickstarter campaign for his 100 page Edgar Allan Poe book featuring comic adaptions, and illustrations of many of Poe’s greatest works!  As with many Kickstarter projects, I’m sure it’s not too late to contact the creator to reserve a copy, if you’re interested.

Also, pretty cool that Kevin got the one and only Danny Trejo to sign his Machete art print!(pictured below)

Deviant Art page: kevinemeinert


Additional works:

87ea14cfcbfa2b3a62b0079111a102c2_original                       121_spidy_venom_carnage_by_kevinemeinert-d764fnc

rogue_digital_by_kevinemeinert                    batman_gallery_watercolor_by_kevinemeinert-d3aix9t



wolverine_vs__deadpool_by_kevinemeinert-d2eq4vy              yoda_sushi_chef_by_kevinemeinert

batman_sketch_cards_by_kevinemeinert                       twilight_color_by_kevinemeinert

marvel_disney_civil_war_by_kevinemeinert                   110_nbc_by_kevinemeinert-d764htu