Frothy Floppy of the Week: Ms. Marvel #1 by G. Willow Wilson & Adrian Alphona

I really enjoyed the preview of this comic.  Some people might not give this book a chance because the character is Muslim, and that’s a shame, because the story & art are really good.  Just from the first few pages you can see that the writer, G. Willow Wilson, isn’t going to shy away from confronting the stereotypes, and misconceptions about Muslims in the U.S.  The teen-aged protagonist of the comic, Kamala AKA Ms. Marvel, is heavily entrenched in “geek culture”, which I think a lot of young and old readers would relate to.  For instance, in the opening pages you see her writing fan-fiction about the Avengers, which is nicely illustrated into the story by artist Adrian Alphona.

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G. Willow Wilson also wrote a Vertigo series a few years back, the critically acclaimed Air.  I remember being impressed by how unusual, and trippy the first issue of Air was, but I didn’t stick with it.  As a reader, sometimes it’s tough to add a new title by an unknown creator unless you’re completely blown away by it.  I think that’s unfair in a lot of ways, because many times a new comic needs more than 1 issue to pull you in.  That being said, once I finish reading the complete first issue of Ms. Marvel, I’ll probably be seeking out the first Air trade-paperback.

So, do yourself a favor and go read the Ms. Marvel preview here and if you like it, you can buy the whole first issue, tomorrow.

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