Frothy Floppy of the Week: Shutter #3 by Joe Keatinge & Leila Del Duca

I haven’t done one of these in a while, but I just wanted to mention the new Image series Shutter. It is awesome! I just finished #3, and the story is just getting better, and better. This is definitely one of my favorite new series to come out of late.(…with the other being Southern Bastards) The first 2 issues were both great fun, but like so many new series(especially in the fantasy/sci-fi genre) sometimes the premise/concept can lose me as a reader. That’s how I felt about both East of West and Saga, but I think I should probably give both of those a second look at some point, because I really respect the creators behind them.


Shutter is a bizarre, surreal head trip filled with anthropomorphic and cartoon characters living among human beings in a shared world. I’m not at all sure of what’s going on at this point, but the latest issue started to really bring the story together with a killer cliffhanger! So, all of you reading this go now and track down the first 3 issues. You will not be disappointed! I’m new to the creators, although I have heard of them before. The art is so detailed, and cinematic in it’s story framing by Leila Del Duca, and the coloring  job by Owen Gieni really takes it to the next level! Joe Keatinge does a great job with establishing a strong emotional anchor for the readers in the protagonist of the book, Kate. She seems like such a real, fleshed out person that it kind of gives more weight to the random, ridiculousness that is transpiring in the story. Shutter is a little like a new spin on Alice in Wonderland, maybe with a dash of Indiana Jones.


As if that weren’t enough, there’s also back-up serials by different comics creators in each issue. In this we get treated to Recoil by indy stalwart Rich Tommaso. I don’t know whether these would be included in a trade paperback of Shutter, or not, so I’d suggest just picking up the comics monthly.