Kickstarter Spotlight: American Nature Presents Anthology Comic + Shirt + Record by Greg & Fake

A few years ago, a friend of mine was visiting the Chicago area, and being such a generous person, they decided to buy me something at a local comics shop there. What I was presented with, upon their return, was a curious piece of art rendered on a piece of cardboard. It was a colorful, and booty-ful representation of a female Iron Fist by a couple of artists named Greg & Fake.


I imagined a couple of street artists living under a bridge making this exceptionally unique art with whatever scraps they can rummage, probably while tripping balls on some sort of substance. Well, I have no idea if that’s the case, but apparently they do have access to a computer, because they are now running this impressive looking Kickstarter campaign for a comic book anthology/t-shirt/7 inch vinyl record combo called American Nature Presents. The stories include basketball playing cheeseburgers, time travel, and vigilante girl gangs! Besides Greg & Fake, there are some other great artists/writers contributing to the comic including Steve Seeley, Ralph Niese, Benjamin Marra, Ze Burnay, Austin Tinius, Robert Salinas, Antonio Brandao, and Marc & Dave! The record is a team-up of Kleenex Girl Wonder & Hood Internet. To learn more about this enticing project, and the comics, music, t-shirts behind it, head on over to the Kickstarter page!