Kickstarter Spotlight: COMIX BREW: A Free Comics Newspaper

I just read about this on Bleeding Cool, and I had to share it, because obviously the title of this Kickstarter campaign is a natural fit here.  Noah Van Sciver, writer & artist of the Fantagraphics graphic novel Hypo: The Melancholic Young Lincoln and contributor to many comics anthologies in recent years, has launched a campaign for a new free comics newspaper based out of Denver, CO called COMIX BREW.  I’m a big fan of anthologies in general, and some of the best cutting edge comics can be found in these regional free comix newspapers like Desert Island’s Smoke Signal, and Floating World Comics’ Diamond, and so many more!

It’s rare to get much of anything for 5 bucks on Kickstarter these days, so the fact that you can get the newspaper(I know it’s free, but many would have to pay to have it shipped to them anyways..) and you get a nifty coaster for that modest sum means you have no excuse.  Go support a good cause, and help more starving artists get their work seen!

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