Kickstarter Spotlight: Grayhat: A Weird Western #2

I like the artwork for this one, so I thought I’d share! This Kickstarter campaign is for the 2nd issue of Grayhat: A Weird Western comic book inspired by Sergio Leone’s “spaghetti westerns”, Moebius, and H.P. Lovecraft. Grayhat is intended to be a 5 issue series, but it appears that folks are still waiting for #1 from the previous Kickstarter campaign, so “pledger beware”.

tumblr_ni1qwzersa1rhjyuxo1_1280                    tumblr_nkifc7oANh1rhjyuxo1_1280

It might be worth the risk, though, because artist Jason Beirens work looks very promising and it looks like a fun concept! You can get both issues if you missed out on the first campaign and for 20 bucks you also get a head sketch of your choice! Currently, there’s 10 days left and the campaign is slightly over 50% funded, so go pledge if you like what you see!