Kickstarter Spotlight: Hybristorific!

Come on!  Lets help a couple of young comics creators get out of Montana, so they can sell some comics!  Well, at the modest amount they’re asking for(750 bucks), they’d be able to print up their comic, Hybristorific!, and table at Emerald City Comicon, the big Seattle, Washington comics convention in March.  If you’d like to check out their comic online, you can read the first 4 plus episodes at their tumblr site here.  I quite enjoyed episode 1, which tells the story of how two, lets say “misunderstood” young adults meet each other on a dark highway, and discover that they could be kindred souls in a wicked way.  This Kickstarter campaign will also help to get the ball running on Margaret Murray, and Molly Kaneski’s next couple of comics projects, as well, including one called Part-Time Devil, an illustrated biography about a man named Israel Keyes.  So, while there may be bigger, more recognizable name campaigns out there, this one, the kind that helps 2 relatively unknown, yet talented artists get their first real industry exposure, is what Kickstarter is really all about.


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