Kickstarter Spotlight: Identity: A Comic Anthology

Identity: A Comic Anthology is a collection of 3 page comics by Northside Comics(an artists collective based out of Chicago), all dealing with the broad theme of one’s identity. The campaign has reached it’s goal of $2,000 already with 6 days left, but I thought it was worth sharing because for one, I’m a sucker for indy anthologies and two, there are some important stretch goals worth mentioning.

If they can get to $2,500 they can print this 44 page comic on better paper stock and nicer paper quality. Now, at $3,000 you can help them “kick-start” their next anthology, plus every backer will receive a digital copy of the next book; what a deal!

identity-000    identity-001

Organizer Edward Witt and the many artists contributing to Identity have come up with some very creative rewards, especially starting at the $50 level! For instance, you can get your own custom tryptic(3 panel) comic by artist Michelle Scott, your choice of sci-fi/fantasy/comic character drawn as a cat by artist Andrew Larkin, or even your face laser-etched into a wood plaque!

identity-003    identity-002

So, go drop a few shillings into this project’s cup, if you can or if you’re just bored, you can watch the modestly entertaining video below.