Kickstarter Spotlight: Red Hot Rebellion II

In the great tradition of fusing comics with rock & roll, like Bill Sienkiewicz’s tribute to Hendrix in the Voodoo Child GN, and Weird Tales of the Ramones box set, we have a new Kickstarter offering called Red Hot Rebellion II that combines a fun, sci-fi comic book with a new music album.  I enjoyed the highly entertaining pitch video; especially the disturbing “little girl” part.  These guys have a lot of spirit, and enthusiasm for their project!


The campaign is for paying to get the comic-book done, and the rest of their album recorded.  They’ve brought on some established comics pros to help them, like Scrap/Seven Sisters artist, Chris Martin, and colors by IDW colorist, Julie Wright.  Their goal is $7,000, and they’re already closing in on $1,500 after just a few days.  They’ve added a stretch goal to press a vinyl version of the album, if they reach $10,000.  If you’re a fan of Spinal Tap, and Heavy Metal you might want to check this one out!


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