Kickstarter Spotlight: Revenger One Shot

Revenger by Charles Forsman is sort of a thing. In just a few hours, the Kickstarter campaign for the special 44 page Revenger One Shot has reached it’s 7 day goal and then some! Currently, it’s at $2,537(2,000 goal). If Pam Grier’s Coffy and Charles Bronson had a love child that was raised by Dirty Harry, it would be Forsman’s protagonist in Revenger. I really enjoy Forsman’s odd, quirky characters and how much care he puts into choreographing his fight scenes(and there’s a lot of fighting!) Reading Revenger is like discovering some great “lost” 80’s indy action comic, but better, because a new issue comes out every month(just about..).

Revenger.1.cvr_original  revenger2.web.cvr-646x1000  tumblr_nori4jXsc61skl2o4o1_1280

The first 5 issues of Revenger are available in digital form and I think you can still find issues 3-5 in print(for now…). There’s a planned trade paperback through Bergen Street Press, which will collect issues 1-5. Even if you haven’t read Revenger before, it looks like you can jump right into the One Shot, since the story takes place many years after volume 1.

So, do yourself a favor, follow the link and make a pledge for some sick ‘n bloody Revenger comics!

Revenger4.cvr_        revenger5.cvr.web-323x500