Kickstarter Spotlight: World War 3 Illustrated 1979-2014 Hardcover Anthology

World War 3 Illustrated comics magazine has been an institution of graphic art journalism & editorial cartooning for 35 years, and I’m happy to finally see a full-color hardcover collection of this work is finally being released!  That is, of course, with all of our help, as PM Press has raised just over half of their Kickstarter goal, so far.  Edited by Peter Kuper & Seth Tobocman, World War 3 has been publishing cutting edge comix journalism, and political/social criticism since it was founded in 1979.  For instance, comics legend Art Spiegelman found a welcome home for his criticism of our country’s post 9-11 eagerness to go to war, when having an opposing view was at the very least highly frowned upon, or in some cases down right dangerous to one’s health!


World War 3 Illustrated also fosters new, unexposed talent, giving artists a forum to express themselves uncensored by political correctness, or corporate entities. So, get in touch with your inner radical side, and go support freedom of speech in it’s purest, most untethered form!  Who knows, you might get a neat Spy vs. Spy sketch out of it!


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