LAST GASP Publishing Logo Contest Winners!

So, LAST GASP Publishing just announced the winners of their first ever logo design contest, and you can see the top 3 winners(which I posted below), and all of the honorable mentions on their website here.  The top winner, Phil Guy, won around $400-500 worth of books, a drink out with LAST GASP founder Ron Turner, a publishing consultation, Artist Profile in the catalog/blog, and lots of other fun stuff! That’s an awesome prize, and the other winners received some very cool stuff, too.  Congratulations to all of the winners!

1st Place: Phil Guy


           2nd Place: Pat Moriarity                            3rd Place: Colin Andersen

logocontest-moriarity1    logocontest-colinanderson

Link to all of the winners…

Link to my rejected entry… 😉

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