Late Night Comics: The Humans #0

Last night I left the warm, numb security of life behind the Orange Curtain to procure a copy of Tom Neely, and company’s new comic The Humans. The Secret Headquarters in Los Angeles was having a release party for the book, so I decided to make the trip. I’ve been a fan of Neely’s work for years now(you should all go buy The Wolf if you haven’t already…), and his typical quality character design, and action choreography are present here in the premier issue of the series.

The Humans is written by Drippy Bone Books alum Keenan Marshall Kellerwith coloring assist & one bad-ass back cover piece by artist Kristina Collantes.


Issue zero reads like a short, action-packed teaser for a new film/TV series about a bunch of biker apes ala Roger Corman’s The Wild Angels. By the end of the issue we are introduced to the ape biker gang from Bakersfield, and the comic’s namesake, The Humans. So far it’s too early to tell if the story will explain what happened to the actual humans on the planet, but there was a pretty amusing/disturbing cameo by one towards the beginning of the comic. This looks to be a really fun ride of a series( pun intended), and I recommend you all checking it out!

Issue #1 will be coming out this November, and I’ve heard whispers that a big announcement is coming at SDCC about a major publisher picking it up! Considering that, and what I would assume is a very limited print run of the self-published Humans #0, I would not wait too long to order one!


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