Late Night Comics: Tyranny of the Muse #1

Some comics are just better at night. I think Tyranny of the Muse #1, written by Eddie Wright & drawn by Jessie Balmer, is one of them. Now that isn’t to say you couldn’t enjoy this comic any time of day(especially in Alaska during those dark winter days…), but sometimes a “dark”, twisted mind-f#%k kind of story like this one just translates better after nightfall. The tortured artist arche-type is perfectly embodied in the story’s protagonist, Frank Fisher. The thick black lines, and moody tone of the art feels like a perfect Charles Burns/Richard Sala love-child. Bonnie is Frank’s muse, and she has what he needs. Something to fill that oozing, festering hole in his head. Is this all really happening, or is it some surreal dream? I don’t know, but I’m looking forward to continuing this sick trip with issue 2, which can be read for free(#1 too!) on Study Group Comics’ website.