Late Night Comics: You Can Did It #1

Yule logs, 100-proof eggnog. and You Can Did It #1 by Nils Balls & Mike Carretta makes this holiday season extra frothy! You can read some insanely trippy, funny, and oft-times profound comics by cartoonist Nils Balls on his website here. After a healthy dose of Skeleton Balls Comix, you’ll be good and ready for the deliciously potent You Can Did It #1(available to order from Copacetic Comics).


It’s about the crazy shenanigans of 2 beer brewing/guzzling buddies who spread their mystery brew all around their Pittsburgh neighborhood, resulting in some surprising antics, and high levels of debauchery! Just like stepping into an out of town bar for the first time, you’ll find yourself adjusting to the loud, bustling scene, but before long the story & characters all start to coalesce into an engaging, yet mysterious comics brew. Issue #2 will hit the stands in April 2015, and I just hope this warm, slightly disturbing buzz can last me ’til then.


Nils Balls BONUS comic(…from his site…one of my fav’s :-))