My Convention Sketchbook 2003-2013 #08 Jeff Zugale

There’s a lot of crossover with comics, and the video games/animation industries, respectively.  For instance, Warren Ellis has penned a couple of video games, and a lot of times you’ll see artists in Artist’s Alley, selling their hand made comics, who work at Cartoon Network, or at fill-in-the-blank “Animation Domination” series when they’re not attending comics conventions.  Comics is the perfect medium to foster, and propel a wide range of talent in media arts.  Enter: Jeff Zugale, an excellent concept design artist, and illustrator, who also happens to be a contributor to the online comic, Kindergoth.  Back in 2004, Kindergoth had a fairly prominent booth at SDCC as a new print comic book, and Mr. Zugale was kind enough to do this awesome drawing in my sketchbook.


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