My Convention Sketchbook 2003-2013 #11 Roberta Gregory

The “Teen Pregnancy ‘ish” of Naughty Bits was one of the first small press comics I bought back in the mid-90s.  That was back when I’d have to sneak to the back of my LCS(*local comics shop), and enter the cordoned off “adults only” section, all the while hoping that none of my parent’s friends were nearby to bust me.(…of course none of my parent’s friends would have been caught dead a 100 feet from a comics shop, but still, it felt very dangerous to me at the time!) So, Naughty Bits #7, along with Palooka-ville #1, and Eightball #9 made up my funny book initiation into the world of “indy”/small press comics.  I remember how blown away I was by the content, and raw, uncensored nature of Roberta Gregory’s stories.  I’d later be lucky enough to track down some early issues of the all female anthology,Wimmen’s Comics, which she was a contributor to back in the mid 70’s.  In 2004, at SDCC, Roberta Gregory graced my sketchbook with a colorful drawing of her infamous Bitchy Bitch character.  She was, with out a doubt, one of the coolest, and sweetest people I’ve ever met.


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